“Success isn’t owned, it’s leased. And rent is due every day.”


So ….. There a lot of freshmen and we don’t’ want to miss anyone!  

Freshmen, these shout outs are for you!  

This week Ms. Anastasia gives us a satirical glimpse into her week in quarantine and a peek into her search for a COVID test! How do you feel about wearing a mask?

At Boys & Girls Clubs of the Coastal Plain:  

We wear because we CARE!

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July 30, 2007 – The Hall of Fame induction of Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn takes in front of a record crowd of an estimated 75,000 fans and an unprecedented number of 53 Hall of Famers. Joining the ballplayers on the dais are Denny Matthews, the longtime radio voice of the Royals, the recipient of the Ford C. Frick Award given to outstanding broadcasters, and Rick Hummel, beat writer for the Post-Dispatch, the J.G. Taylor Spink Award honoree for his exceptional coverage of the Cardinals.




July 30, 2020 is International Day of Friendship

International Day of Friendship was designated by the United Nations General Assembly (UN). On July 30, we step back and get thankful for those relationships worldwide, as they promote and encourage peace, happiness, and unity. The UN encourages governments, community groups, and other organizations to coordinate activities and events that celebrate those friendships that we keep close to us. Many events focus on reconciliation, bridging understanding and consensus, and finding comfort in those that feel like home.

We live in a tough world. Between miscommunications, mistreatment, lack of trust, discrimination, and cultural discord, prioritizing peace seemingly has less of presence in global society. There really is no reason for the world not to exist in some harmonious form. We have the United Nations to thank for helping to remind us all that there is some good in this world. We were first introduced to International Day of Friendship in 2011; this special day goes beyond connecting people and builds bridges among cultures, countries, and even ideologies. 



Are you smarter than Ms. Philecia’s family? 

Join her as she puts her family to the test of solving Brain Teasers this week!

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#ClubAtHome and #BrainTeaserFamilyEdition 


Today’s activity: Name That Workout! In this challenge, you will get active by doing a fun workout that is unique to your name.

First, put on some upbeat music and find a spot in your home that you can spread out a bit. Next, spell out your name. Start with just your first name, and then add on your middle name, and eventually full name for a more challenging workout! For each letter of your name, complete the exercise that is listed.

A – jump up and down 10 times 

B – run to the nearest door and run back 

C – hop on each foot 5 times 

D – crawl like a crab for 10 seconds 

E – do 10 jumping jacks 

F – do 10 sit ups 

G – hop like a frog 8 times 

H – balance on your left foot for 10 seconds 

I – hop on your right foot for 10 seconds 

J – pretend to jump rope for 20 seconds 

K – do 5 push ups 

L – skip around the room 3 times 

M –jump as high as you can 5 times 

N – walk like a bear for 10 seconds 

O – bend and touch your toes 10 times 

P – pretend to pedal a bike with your arms for 20 seconds 

Q – flap your arms like a bird 20 times 

R – pretend to ride a horse for 15 seconds 

S – stand on your tip toes and reach for the ceiling for 15 seconds 

T – run in place for 15 seconds 

U – lie on your belly and pretend to fly like a superhero for 5 seconds 

V – do 10 scissor jumps 

W – march in place for 10 seconds 

X – sit on the ground and touch your toes, hold for 10 seconds 

Y – do 10 rocket jumps (squat to touch the ground between your feet and then jump up into the air reaching your hands over your head) 

Z – do 10 shoulder shrugs (lift your shoulders up, hold and then let them drop)  


Sports Career?

Are you interested in medicine and sports as a career but can’t decide between the two? 

Guess what, as a Sports Medicine Physician you get to choose both!  Today I challenge you to watch the video below to learn more about what a Sports Medicine Physician does and see if it may be the career for you!

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