FRIDAY, JULY 31, 2020


Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.”


So ….. There a lot of freshmen and we don’t’ want to miss anyone!  

Freshmen, these shout outs are for you!  

This week Ms. Anastasia gives us a satirical glimpse into her week in quarantine and a peek into her search for a COVID test! How do you feel about wearing a mask?

At Boys & Girls Clubs of the Coastal Plain:  

We wear because we CARE!

Use the link below to share your thoughts! 



On July 31, 1928

Halina Konopacka of Poland hurls world record 39.62m to win the first gold medal in women’s Olympic athletics at the Amsterdam Games; American Lillian Copeland and Ruth Sveberg of Sweden take minor medals as well.


July 31st is National System Administrator Appreciation Day!  

National System Administrator Appreciation Day on the last Friday in July recognizes the IT professionals who keep organizations of all sizes up and running.  

Around the office, if technical issues arise, the system administrator answers the call. When the company needs to upgrade, they turn to the IT professionals to log long hours to test and complete it. Even in small offices, one or two people handle system updates and troubleshooting. These are the system administrators and IT professionals. 

Not only do they keep our hardware and software running smoothly, but system administrators keep our networks secure. They stay informed of the latest technology, too. When we go home at night, they often work around the clock to make our systems available the next day.  


A very special THANK YOU to our very own, Mr. Chase!


Are you smarter than Ms. Philecia’s family? 

Join her as she puts her family to the test of solving Brain Teasers this week! 

If you enjoyed this video, try it with your family and post it using 

#ClubAtHome and #BrainTeaserFamilyEdition


Today’s activity: Ball Toss Challenge! In this challenge, you will try to score points by throwing balls into buckets, baskets, boxes or whatever you have in your home. You will want as many buckets as you can find as the targets, and at least one ball or round object you can throw into the target.

Line up the buckets, boxes, etc. And label them a specific amount of points (the further away the container, the more points you will want it to be.)

Create a starting point where you will stand and throw the ball from. Determine how many throws you will make if you only have one ball or circular object, or have ready a certain number of balls you will be allowed to throw.

Challenge your family and keep a running score to see who can accumulate the most points! To make it more interesting, try only bouncing the ball instead of throwing into the container, or switching up your throwing hand – only using your left hand or right hand.




The current pandemic has added a new wardrobe essential item to our daily routine!  

Sometimes, Ms. Philecia still has issues finding one that she really likes.  

To solve that she’s designing her own mask and challenging you to join her!

Step 1: use a clean, new or used mask.  

Step 2: design your mask with acrylic paint if you want to keep the same style or washable paint like Ms. Philecia if you want to change it up every once in a while. 

Step 3: let the mask sit for at least 24 hours or until dry and free of odor before wearing! 

Step 4: take a picture in your new mask and tag us using #ClubAtHome! 

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