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Freshmen STAND UP! WE see you & WE miss YOU! These shout outs are for YOU!

This week we are celebrating with PRIDE! Yes, you see it, Happy PRIDE Month! Ms. Anastasia gives us a brief history overview of how this month long celebration came about and asks how this celebration impacts your life or the life of someone you love. 

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June 24, 1979 

Rickey Henderson Makes Big League Debut with A’s 

Major League Baseball’s future all-time leader in stolen bases nabbed second base in the first game of a doubleheader against the Texas Rangers. 

It was the first steal of Rickey Henderson’s career. There would be a record-setting 1,405 more to come in his 25-year career. Henderson also recorded his first hit as a big leaguer in the contest – a leadoff double to right field for the Athletics off Rangers starter John Henry Johnson. 

Henderson would later add a single to left in his next at-bat and promptly swipe second, something that became a trademark over his career. En route to becoming the all-time leader in steals, Henderson also set all-time marks in runs (2,295) and unintentional walks (2,139). 

Henderson’s arrival from the A’s Triple-A affiliate in Ogden, Utah, would spark a rebirth of sorts for the franchise. In the two years following his rookie campaign, the A’s would have winning seasons. They won the West division crown in 1981, before being swept in the American League Championship Series by the New York Yankees. 

During his career, Henderson played for nine teams. He spent 14 of his 25 years with Oakland in three different stints, and won World Series titles with the A’s in 1989 and the Blue Jays in 1993. 

Henderson was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2009. 




June 24th is National Pralines Day 

National Pralines Day honors a confection made from nuts (whether in whole pieces or ground) and sugar syrup. Pralines may also refer to any chocolate cookie containing the ground powder of nuts.  

Around the world, candy makers create their pralines a little differently. 

  • Belgian Pralines – contain a hard chocolate shell with a softer, sometimes liquid, filling. 
  • French Pralines – a combination of almonds and caramelized sugar. 
  • American Pralines – contain milk or cream and are softer and creamier, resembling fudge. 

At the Chateau of Vaux-le-Vicomte during the 17th century, French sugar industrialist, Marshal du Plessis-Praslin (1598-1675), originally inspired the early pralines. These first pralines were whole almonds, individually coated in caramelized sugar. 




A rebus is a pictogram that represents a word, phrase, or saying. For example, “Ci ii” represents “See eye to eye.” What word or phrase does the following rebus represent: O_ER_T_O_?


Tuesday, June 23rd Answer: The farmer must follow these steps: 

1. Take the chicken across the river.
2. Come back with an empty boat.
3. Take the grain across the river.
4. Bring the chicken back.
5. Take the fox across the river.
6. Come back with an empty boat.
7. Take the chicken across the river.


Boys & Girls Clubs are committed to ensuring equity and inclusion for all young people.

Our Clubs work to offer a safe, positive environment for youth, staff and families of all sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions. It’s part of our broader mission to ensure every young person has access to quality out-of-school time opportunities where they are physically and emotionally safe, healthy and develop the leadership skills they need on their path to a Great Future. 


5 Steps to Success with Affirmations 

  1. They must be said while in an alpha state, a positive state of conscious focus. 
  2. They must be all affirmative and said with conviction and confidence. 
  3. They should involve a specific action. 
  4. Repetition is essential, so the more times you repeat an affirmation the better. It should become a daily practice. 
  5. Be aware that positive affirmations do not magically manifest results, what they do instead is open your subconscious to new channels of information and opportunity, so you must take action on these in order for any major changes to happen to your life.

So remember to pick the right statements for your intentions, then make it a daily habit to clear the clutter and reprogram your subconscious mind! 

With repetition, when coming from a position of confidence and conviction, affirmations can be a powerful tool to spark changes within your mind from which you can really take action and see a huge difference in your life! 



Ms. Erica

It’s Workout Wednesday!!!!  

Today, Ms. Erica reminds us to take moment to center ourselves and to refocus!  

Meditation is the “move” for today!

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