Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (JCPC)

For additional information on Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (JCPC) services, please contact Ebony Hill, Director of Juvenile Services.



Structured Day Program (SDP)

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Coastal Plain’s Day Program serves youth during the school year who are involved in the juvenile justice system or are at-risk of involvement in the juvenile justice system, or who have been suspended from school and are likely to be unsupervised in the community during the suspension. The program provides structured services to reduce further disruptive school behavior, reduce future out-of-school suspensions, reduce community supervision violations, and assist with academic remediation.
  • The program can serve up to 12 youth at a time.
  • We serve short-term (1 to 10 days) and long- term suspended youth (10 days or more)
  • Life Skill sessions held daily
  • Counseling provided twice a week by a LCSW

Learn more about the Structured Day Program HERE.

Teen Court

Is a Restorative Justice diversion program designed to help juveniles (11-17) avoid having minor offenses heard in juvenile or district court. Constructive sentences for juveniles may include Life Skills classes/workbooks, community service, Think Smart, essays, and/or educational videos. Teen Court uses the Adult Model, Peer Jury Model and Restorative Justice Circles.
  • Peer volunteers act as prosecuting and defense attorneys. Youth aslo fill the roles of clerk, baliff and jurors.

Learn more about the Teen Court program HERE.

Juvenile Restitution/Community Service

This program allows juveniles the opportunity to complete community service hours and/or earn restitution by providing safe work environments. It also aids in developing career oriented goals and planning.